6 Best Gifts For Architects [Under $50]

Gift giving is one of the few activities that people in every region of the globe enjoy to a very high degree. Any material object that is presented to a person in the form of a gift that is either wrapped in paper or placed in a bag is certain to arouse the childlike curiosity of that person, regardless of the reason for the gift.

Whether working on a laptop or building a model, architecture students and professionals spend most of their time performing hands-on work; tactility accentuates their field. Due to the enormous work architects and designers must do, many different tools are needed to produce high-quality work. Although most people take the chance and spend the money to buy such devices, not all of them are cost-effective, so they must spend a lot of money.

However, these goods are wonderful presents for anyone’s architect or designer pals. They may help them immensely with their job while giving them the support they need to complete their responsibilities. This article is for anyone who is looking for suggestions on what to get their friends and family that are designers or architects. This list will mostly concentrate on the diversity of such items since architects are known to favor utilitarian tangibles, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of all the alternatives and combinations available.

Architecture Cufflinks

Imagine wearing cufflinks that stylishly and subtly showcase your career as you enter a local party venue! Yes, cufflinks can help you achieve that goal. It’s a wonderful present for others but may also be given to oneself. The little blueprint-inspired cufflinks have a silver base and are guaranteed to draw attention.

Additionally, it might serve as a discussion starter. It seems to sense that one would run across a fellow architect who quickly notices the pattern and responds with a grin. These have protractor and square shapes. They are a distinctive, high-quality ornament that may be used as a cuff or collar for many years. One of the best presents for architects is this.

Watercolor Pencils or a Palette and a Brush

The watercolor and brush pen palettes provide an alternative hand rendering toolbox. Colorful brush pens are excellent for providing a fluid movement while adding various colors to the drawing to create additional layers and work with shades of color. The standard brush pens may be filled with water, turning from dry to wet, and prepared for usage in hand rendering. This concept is one of the best presents for architects since it is especially beloved by landscape designers.

A Moleskine Sketchbook

Throughout one’s career as an architect or designer, developing the practice of taking notes and producing drawings is essential. Because of this, every architect must have a clear, uncluttered notebook with sufficient information. Regarding notebooks, there are numerous varieties and alternatives from which one can pick; Moleskins are excellent given that they are tiny enough to fit one’s pocket and are simple to carry from place to place.

Depending on the user’s preferences, they may choose a notebook with ruled, clear, grid-like, or dotted pages. Such journals are excellent for various uses, including daily work planning and drawing and writing down ideas and thoughts for architecture. Even while architects tend to be picky about the sketchbook they like using, a present or a notebook is always very appreciated, regardless of the style, as it still turns out to be a beneficial resource.

Books on Architecture

No matter their stage, an architect will appreciate receiving an excellent book as a present. Even though most architecture books are fairly pricey in an attempt to cover the costs of publishing them, there is a select handful that is worth breaking the bank for. The Archicomic “YES IS MORE” by Bjarke Ingels is a graphic mashup of some of his most renowned conceptual and built works.

Its comic book style is an excellent way to convey visual information entertainingly and serves as inspiration for those who are developing their design concepts. The book 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick is an even more affordable alternative for a book gift. The book’s approach is simple yet thorough, and its length is quite brief.

Think of Venturi, Scott Brown, and Izenour’s Learning from Las Vegas and its connection to the Postmodern movement as examples of popular works on architecture theory that have had a significant impact on the field and serve as manifestos of certain architectural movements.

Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds With a Spotify or Prime Music Subscription

The lifeblood of architects’ and designers’ creativity is music. The long, grueling work hours are made interesting and joyful when a design expert is with wonderful music. A decent pair of hearing equipment, such as Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, may be given as a present to guarantee continuous pieces throughout moments of high productivity and job output. A music subscription is usually a thoughtful gift if the recipient already has their chosen gadget.

Color Coded Flash Drives

Perhaps the simplest but most important present one can offer an architect or designer is a good storage device. As a consultant, architects have a propensity to work on various projects that are developed, designed, and resolved using software with large file sizes. The numerous iterations cause the laptop’s or desktop’s memory to become clogged with clutter, which design professionals may not always have time to clear.

Consequently, a pen drive is a terrific idea since it facilitates the transmission of relatively tiny files that may be used for basic file sharing and graphing. Since architects and architecture students are generally working on multiple projects at once, we strongly recommend opting for a color coded set of flash drives to help with organization.


Since architects are the ones who design our living places, we rely on them. Do you wish to express your thanks appropriately, then? We now understand that architects put a lot of effort into investigating and creating many architectural style alternatives. They often have good taste. Therefore they merit a wonderful present suggestion. Despite making a respectable wage, architects value presents for a job well done just as the rest of us do. Ultimately, getting presents related to their profession or passion is good.