Transparent Aluminium – Aluminium Oxynitride

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Written By Idil Ulucevik

Transparent Aluminium, also known as Aluminium Oxynitride (AION) is composed of Aluminium, Oxygen and Nitrogen,[(AlN)x·(Al2O3)1−x,]  Its properties allows it to have ≥ 80% transparency in visible and ultraviolet light.  Being a light weight transparent materials leads to the strength increasing by 4 times harder than silica-glass,  hence transparent aluminium this has been generally used for bullet proof windows in military applications.

Manufacturing Process

Aluminium Oxynitride Process

AION uses conventional ceramic powder processing technique, this includes compacting and sintering powered elements to give its strength and transparent quality.  Plates, rods, tubes or domes in its molten form of transparent aluminium.

Properties of Aluminium Oxynitride (Transparent Aluminium)

in comparison with Silica Glass


Although this material is still currently very expensive, it has the potential to create large glass structures such as aquariums, windows, facades.  The transparent aluminium will not fracture like silica glass and can be used for harsh environmental conditions.

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